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Welcome All Pony Car Drivers

Hi and welcome to my pride and joy, a site about mustangs. I love my Mustang almost if not more than anything else in my possesion. I own an '88 4 cylinder with a 2.3 litre engine. It may not be the best but it is a Mustang and it is a Ford.(First On Race Day) I don't have a pic of mine on here yet but I will soon, and if you would like to have your posted send me a copy and a little info on it and I will review for uploading most likely uploading it. This site is under construction so check back often.

Mustang Pics

An '88 kinda like mine
Heres a 'stang getting beat
'99 stang
A new stang

John Freeman
Euless, TX
United States

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You are the person who would rather push their Mustang than drive a Chevy!
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