SuperBowl 33
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It's SuperBowl Time

It's January and that means colder weather, New Year's resolutions, Times Square is recovering from their celebration, and kids are back in school after their holiday break. It is also a great time if your a sports fan. High school and college basketball are in full swing with district and confrence play respectively. But probally the most important event is the SuperBowl. The festivites have begun in Miami for SuperBowl 33. This year will pit two great rushing teams. The Atlanta Falcons, who defeated the favored Minnesota Vikings for the NFC Championship, will run with Jamal "Dirty-Bird" Anderson. Their opponent will be the defending SuperBowl Champion Denver Broncos. The Broncos defeated the New York Jets for the AFC Championship. They will run with the power of Terrell "T.D." Davis. This should be a great SuperBowl matchup.